Gardening expert Ellen Mary takes you through every step of gardening, from the basics of understanding your space and decoding plant labels, to common pests and how to keep your plants alive once they’re in the ground.

Packed full of practical information, this book is relevant for any beginner gardener, no matter what type of outdoor space you have – whether you’re looking for ideas for green-filled balconies, or larger low-maintenance plots.

You’ll also find tailored advice for different levels of time investment, whether you have just 10 minutes or 4 hours per week to spend in your garden.

Once you’ve got the basics covered, you’ll learn key gardening skills including:

– Planting flower beds
– How and when to prune
– Composting correctly
– How to grow a lawn, trees and roses

So, flex those green fingers, get your hands dirty and enjoy the process of creating a beautiful, blooming garden.