Pull up a chair and gather in close with entrepreneur and content creator Kristin Johns as she shares her best-kept secrets: mouthwatering recipes, design inspiration, and ways we all can grow, celebrate, and find nourishment in every season of life.

Kristin Johns long dreamed of putting together a book of favorite recipes, ideas for interiors, and reflections on faith, family, and love. Growing Seasons is a gorgeously photographed collection of stories, recipes, and inspiration that encourages us to step into each day with courage and authenticity, and to embrace every season of life.

Just as each month has its own specific character, each season of life has its own unique challenges and opportunities, all with valuable life lessons to teach us. Walking through the calendar year from January to December, the book’s twelve chapters feature:

  • Kristin’s favorite recipes like Christmas Morning Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls, CeCe’s Famous Cajun Gumbo, a Sunny Citrus Kale Salad and, of course, Kristin’s famous Chocolate Chunk Cookie recipe
  • Creative projects such as Rustic Hand Dyed Linens, DIY Lavender Blue Tansy Skin Serum, and five easy tricks to minimize clutter and maximize coziness at home
  • Fun ideas to entertain and connect with others through Summer Getaway Essentials and a guide to movie night at home complete with homemade pizza and caramel corn

Whether you’re looking for adventure or a chill night at home, Growing Seasons will meet you where you are and inspire where you are going.